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The Assemblages & Found Objects


The Studio Has Landed!!!

We had our first shipping container dropped off on our 15 acres, as this is going to be the working studio as we are building.

Once we get our second container we will begin enclosing the space in between with super adobe walls from the surrounding Earth.

Water catchment and solar power will be a very important part of this process.

We look forward to sharing our process with you and hope to inspire others to pursue their off grid dreams!


Robert Dampier Studio is currently in Terlingua Texas out West to the Corazon Mountains just outside Big Bend National Park. From this land we are building an off-grid studio and home that will foster artistic creativity with a minimum footprint on the environment.

The foundations are being laid so that we can provide a creative sanctuary for art and artists from all over the world.

The West Texas mountains are a perfect backdrop for those seeking the raw experience of reconnecting with wide open nature. There is no pretense here and the modern world has had little or no influence on the landscape.

This is the place where my life's work will continue and creativity thrive. Our studio will be open to all creative souls who wish to join us on this journey.  

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The Team

Robert Dampier

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Artist/Thought Adjuster

Tulisha Dampier

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Studio Manager/Curator

Tiana Dampier

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Studio Assistant

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