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Assemblage Life: one artist's journey

I live an "Assemblage Life" and in the next few minutes, I'm going to explain just what that is for me and how it can be applied to anyone's journey.

During my earliest years growing up, my family didn't always have the ability to provide art supplies and education. So... being a resourceful and creative young person, I started looking at what was around me that I could use and manipulate to make art with.

I used anything that was considered trash or that no one in the family was still using. I found myself making my own toys to play with and new toys often became parts for something new and exciting.

Later in life as I learned new trades and worked with craftsmen, I kept making from whatever I could find in the environment or job site I was working in. I soon learned that I could use these various skill sets in creative new ways and make something incredible out of what others considered nothing. Now... in my more mature years, I realize that assemblage has always been the key to unlocking many a mystery and creative endeavor. I live an "Assemblage Life" because it suites me and I transmute trash into treasure.

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