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Meet our new studio assistant Tiana!

Our newest team member Tiana!

As studio manager Rob has been harassing me to find a assistant to help him in the studio for quite some time.

This last February on valentines day we decided it was time to interview a few candidates. So we went to the Animal Unemployment Center A.K.A. Galveston Humane Society to interview a few hopeful prospects.

Little did I know... the night before Rob pre-screened a few candidates and had a special liking of one in particular.

Her name was Tiana and I think he had a crush on her from the moment he saw her profile online. When we arrived to start the interviewing process He went straight for her cubicle and I had to remind him there were other candidates waiting to meet us to offer their resumes.

So we went from cubicle to cubicle meeting and greeting every qualified applicant. There were a few really good prospects and one in particular Sampson was a close second, but in the end Rob had his mind made up from the moment he saw Tiana the night before. She had the best attitude and her willingness to work long hours in the studio with Rob (between naps) was a plus! She follows him everywhere and is always ready to lend a hand or collaborate on ideas.

She was also willing to relocate to Terlingua to continue working with us!

We welcome Tiana to the team!

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